Göran Gnaudschun, Railway, Murcia, 2020

Fresh Eyes – Single Coaching

Göran Gnaudschun

The individual appointments serve the maximum intensive examination of the participants’ photographs. They are intended to accompany people in the development of their own photographic work. The reasons for booking individual appointments can be manifold. Some have been working on series for a long time, but have never shown them before and need feedback. Many are only at the beginning of their artistic-photographic career and would like to learn more about their strengths, their talent and about the content, design and technical hurdles that have to be overcome. Some need advice for their portfolio for application to an art school or other institution where photography is taught. And many work continuously artistically and need criticism, advice and encouragement to continue their work. Often it is also a matter of finding a final form for a series – be it for a book or an exhibition.
Göran Gnaudschun provides assistance in specifying each artist’s own pictorial language, works are scrutinized in terms of content and form, and participants are instructed to emphasize the essential.

Together, new paths are explored.

Interested people can register at any time by e-mail.

Please attach 5 to 7 example pictures (or a reference to your own website).

Photographers who have already attended a workshop by Göran Gnaudschun can register directly.

Costs: 50,00 €/h (incl. VAT).
Language: English, German