Sun Loungers (2010)Anne Kathrin Greiner, Sun Loungers, 2010

Berlin: City in flux

Workshop August 02 to 07, 2015

Anne Kathrin Greiner

Berlin is always in motion. Since the fall of the wall, the capital has continued its course of transformation, steadily moving forward, its spirit and history inspiring and attracting newcomers and tourists alike. Not all developments have been deemed positive, though, least of all the influx of investors or the decrease in affordable housing and the fast disappearance of wild, open spaces. “Gentrification” has become a dictum and many native inhabitants seem to yearn for the past. Still, no one can deny that fresh impulses and a willingness to break with the old have been vital components in making Berlin such a creative, vibrant and stimulating place. High and low culture, East and West, old and new, innovative and traditional, elegant and vulgar – the city is full of opposites and contradictions…

Sanctuary (2012)Anne Kathrin Greiner, Sanctuary, 2012

Over the course of this workshop, we shall visit selected sites where these themes can be explored in both more tangible and also metaphorical, interpretative ways. Rather than paying attention to supposedly typical or defining features, we will aim to tell visual stories by finding the exceptional within the mundane and by looking at the impact the on-going changes, whether big or small, are having on the urban environment and its inhabitants. The aim is to create an individual, personal photo series and to develop new perspectives and approaches.

Legacy (2011)Anne Kathrin Greiner, Legacy, 2011

The workshop will be held in English and German language in a small group of 6 to 12 participants. The fee is 570,- € (incl. 19% VAT). All interested applicants should apply by eMail before July, 02, 2015. Please attach 5 to 10 examples of your own work and/or a link to your personal website. You should also attach a short statement about your photographic skills and motivation. 

New registration-deadline: July, 5, 2015!