Group photo in front of the house, Osdorf, from “Wüstungen”

Afterimages – Photography and Remembering
19th to 24th August2019

Göran Gnaudschun

Photographs depict bygone time. They record what passes and form the memory pool of the following generations. They are traces, like stories, documents and buildings.

Berlin as a city offers a lot of it. Remembrance lives in every square, in every house, in every part of the city. In its size and complexity, Berlin is always a foil for telling stories. These can show many facets: Berlin as a walled city, with meanwhile almost invisible course, Berlin as city of the Prussian kings with charming palaces and parks, Berlin as capital of the empire and the GDR, as economic miracle west Berlin, as city of the workers and the mental sizes, the great freedom after the fall of the wall and the complete refurbishment afterwards. Often the events of world history have determined the life of each individual. Many people have made history. At least her own.

The collective memory and the personal memory will be the topic of the workshop. Memory is inevitably associated with places. The participants will trace these places and the stories. Strangers, yet unknown stories, and also their own, because childhood is also a place and the origin of our identity. It is possible that what has been lived revives or finds its equivalent in the present. What was then and what is the situation today? How does the world go through time? How do people experience the scenes of their lives? Through one’s own work, the social memory can once again be transformed into something very personal. And the personal memory can gain social relevance.

The participants will do research, search and find stories – the city of Berlin, or their own. The implementation is free and follows the topic and the intentions of the participants. It can consist of working with reproductions of contemporary history or the private family album, it can also lead to atmospheric cityscapes, intense portraits, clear architectural shots, relaxed street photography or enigmatic still lifes. With the participants, I would like to think out of the box, think out of the box, navigate through time with photography, examine ideas together and find adequate forms and styles.

The workshop “Afterimages – Photography and Remembering” is about developing your own work within six days. The workshop will mainly consist of thematic grounding, lectures, photography and selection, as well as picture discussions and joint discussions. In addition, exhibition visits and joint evenings will encourage reflection on one’s own pictures. At the end, the works will be presented in an exhibition.

The workshop will be held in German in a small group of 6 to 12 participants. The participation fee is 570, – Euro (including 19% VAT). Interested parties should apply by email until 19 July 2019.