Gnaudschun Montpellier, 2019 367 Px
Göran Gnaudschun, Montpellier, 2019

Workshops 2019


The next Weekend-Workshops Behind the images will take place at 19/20 Oktober 2019, 07/08 December 2019 and 08/09 February 2020.

The workshops of Göran Gnaudschun are held in german only. Sorry!

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BerlinPhotoWorkshops was founded by the photographers Mark Curran, Robert Lyons, Kai-Olaf Hesse, and Peter Oehlmann in 2005.  In summer 2008 Göran Gnaudschun came along. We had a lot of successful and well attended workshops and seminars, but since 2013 BerlinPhotoWorkshops is a solo-project of Göran Gnaudschun. No problem, we stay friends and this is only a restructuring phase, but during this time Göran Gnaudschun don’t organize workshops in english and the english part of the website is closed.


I wish to share my knowledge about photography. Through seminars and workshops, I offer courses on various topics tightly linked to our own interests and artistic approaches.
My background is documentary photography. I share an interest in the real, in the world that surrounds us – be it on our own doorstep or far away from our common everyday experience.
I don’t require costly labs to undertake our workshops and there is no strict curriculum. Therefore, no matter if you look for inspiration during a weekend workshop or if you work continuously on a project over six months, we are there as facilitators of knowledge concerning artistic photography.
In small groups of no more than 10 participants, I offer reviews, lectures, visits to exhibitions and talks, all related to the rotating subject matter being offered. Nurturing your personal work, I want to facilitate the development of your own visual language. Therefore I encourage you to think thematically, to conceive of a ‘series’ of photographs and thereby link content to images. In doing so, to sensitize you towards the artistic application of photography – fundamentally, I want nurture how you see.
BerlinPhotoWorkshops’ courses are aimed at people to whom it is important to personally communicate, through photography, something about themselves or the world around them. Our events are enjoyed by amateurs as well as professional photographers and people from related professions. You will meet people who photograph intensively and continuously for years to other individuals, who are just beginning to explore the medium. Therefore, the spectrum spans from the technically skilled to the intuitive, simply with a sense for images.

BerlinPhotoWorkshops is looking forward to meeting and welcoming you!